Britt's Web Dump

Welcome to Britt Yenne's Web Dump

Welcome to my home page!  I've been putting off creating one for some time now (like on the order of nearly a decade), but I'm here now, and so are you, so let's get through this with as little pain as possible.
I currently work at LHR Technologies, where I'm in charge of the software for an innovative wood carving machine that will revolutionize the way professional and hobbyist woodworking is done.  Our company has one product on the shelves already, and the machine should hit the stores in early 2005.

Previously I've worked for EDS Research and Development, The Kernel Group, and VERITAS Software (after they purchased TKG).

I love to program, as evidenced by many of my hobbies.  Some Free Software I've written over the years includes the YTalk multi-user chat program for UNIX systems, a Spades game and PCompress utility for Palm handhelds, and various contributions to other Free Software projects.

My wife and I started Pin Pics, a free site where pin traders may list their trades and wants and be linked up for potential trades.  The site, all in custom CGI/Perl, has been going strong since 1999.

I married Susan Pawly in January of 1994, and we have three fantastic boys who keep us on our toes 25 hours a day.  We both want a daughter, but we're a little scared to try again.

We enjoy camping, cruises, SCUBA diving, Cub Scouting, and all things Disney.