Britt's Palm Pilot Page

Welcome to my Palm Pilot page.  There's not much to this page -- it's not my desire to write yet another compendium of Palm Pilot links and images.  Here you'll find information about my Palm Pilot software and my favorite links relating to the Pilot or my software.


My Software


    SpadeLover Spades The addictive card game "Spades" for the Palm Pilot, written by a Spades lover for Spades lovers.  This version supports four variations of Spades (Partner, Solo, Suicide, and Mirrors) as well as providing comprehensive rule customization features. 

    ZDnet gives SpadeLovers a five-star rating:  

    PinPics for Palm Since December of 1999 Pinpics.Com has been the ultimate repository for Disney Pin Trading information. Now that database is available for your Palm connected organizer, so you never have to go to the parks or a pin meet without PinPics again!
    PCompress At last!  A free utility to save memory by compressing applications or databases which you don't use very often but don't want to delete.  In compressed form, databases take up less memory but are not usable until uncompressed. 


Palm Pilot Software Links


    Palm Pilot Gear This is my one-stop location for all my Palm Pilot software needs.  The category and search features are fantastic.
    PDA Central PDA Central provides software and links for many types of hand-held digital assistants.  This site will link you to The PilotZone, brought to you from our friends at TUCOWS.
    Palm Central This site seems to constantly change.  You get get software, documentation, links, stories, and just about anything else you might want for the Palm Pilot.


Palm Pilot Development Links

I develop with the GNU Palm Pilot kit.  Many kudos and thanks to those who worked hard to make this development environment available.  I also use 3com's Palm OS Emulator, which is based on Greg Hewgill's Co-Pilot.  3com's Emulator fixes several problems and also comes with debug ROMs -- no more hours wasted trying to download a ROM from your Pilot.


    Palm Pilot Home Page 3com's home page for the Palm Pilot.  Here you'll find the Palm OS Emulator and information about developers organizations and SDK releases.
    Wade's Pilot Programming FAQ The must-read FAQ for all new Palm Pilot developers.  This page answers many common questions and provides links to development kits and resources.  Here you'll find links to the GNU and Code Warrior development environments.


How to Reach Me

Please feel free to mail me at with any comments, questions, or complaints.